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Top Tech Gadgets For Christmas To Set You Up For A Smarter 2023

With Christmas just days away, there’s still time to get last minute gifts for the techie in your life. The range and price points of tech gifts now available means that you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune either!

Tech gifts aren’t just for Christmas but can deliver convenience, more connected and smarter living, for the user long after the holidays have ended, whether in the home, at work, for entertainment or leisure.

Want to make 2023 a year of smarter living?

Read below to find out the top tech gadgets for a smarter you.

Gift Ideas for a Smart Home

We all know that to have a smart home, first, you need a reliable broadband connection. That’s where SIRO’s 100% fibre broadband is the perfect choice for your home as it can support multiple devices at once without any lags in connection.

A smart device which has now become a household name is the Amazon Alexa. The Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker is another popular choice. These smart devices act as a personal assistant. You ask for what you want; and it listens and does.

The Amazon Echo can play music or podcasts, make to-do-lists, and ask for any information like the current traffic or weather conditions. In research conducted by Amárach on behalf of SIRO, 49% of Irish homes surveyed had a virtual assistant like the Echo.

The Google Nest Hub smart display offers a more visual digital experience. This display can help you organise your calendar, to watch your favourite shows or videos, and best of all to control any other home smart devices that are compatible, at the touch of a button.

Gifts To Enhance Sleep and Wellness

Sleep is now recognised as the new human superpower, yet most of us still don’t get enough of it. The Philips Smart Sleep Lamp has both a dimming light, for helping you wind down, and a wake-up light to wake you up gradually with a sunrise simulation. The device also has a radio and reading lamp built in, so you can switch off before heading to sleep and practice good sleep hygiene.

Smart watches are a great way of staying connected online and tracking your fitness on the go. The Samsung Galaxy Watch tracks your step count, health, sleep and does all the usual things you can do on your phone, but through your watch.

Similarly, the Apple Watch allows you to do all of the above. The Fitbit fitness tracker watches are another great investment to consider if you are into your fitness or looking to get in better shape in 2023.

Improve Your Organisation with Technology

Constantly losing your keys or phone? Wishing there was a way to keep track? Then look no further than “The Tile” and Apple’s “AirTag.” These small, convenient tracking devices have been specifically developed for this purpose.

‘The Tile’ by Tile Inc. is a device that can be put onto any item you’d like to keep track of. It uses Bluetooth and a built-in GPS system to track your items, so you won’t have to worry about where your go-to belongings are again.

Before living with multiple devices became the norm, many of us manually kept track of important dates, shopping lists or to do lists by simply writing them down.

Today, technology offers a digital solution to the written list.

With digital notepads like the ‘reMarkable notepad’ by reMarkable or the ‘Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable notepad’ by Rocketbook providing a facility for the to do list of old.

The Rocketbook’s notepad has a reusable pen and paper notebook which connects to the cloud using your mobile device. You can simply remove the writing using water and cloth. One of the many benefits of having a reusable notebook is the sustainability aspect, as you’re not wasting any paper.

Smart Home Entertainment with SIRO 100% Fibre Broadband

Today, the average home has at least one smart TV. Smart TVs, like the Sky Glass or the Samsung Smart TV, are ideal for upgrading your experience when watching shows or movies at home.

Smart TVs enable you to connect to the internet, browse online, or stream anything at the touch of a button. Additionally, they have great sound and quality visual displays for an enhanced experience. Having a reliable Wi-Fi connection is essential for Smart TVs to function.

With online gaming here to stay. Consoles and PCs are regular appearances on Christmas lists. Handheld consoles like the SteamDeck or the Nintendo Switch allow for portable, quality gaming on the go.

Getting the Connectivity Foundations Right

Smart devices are often the presents under the tree most appreciated on Christmas morning, but it’s important not to spoil the moment because your home connectivity doesn’t measure up. Having reliable and resilient broadband is the foundation to underpinning smart home devices. Otherwise, you risk having the tech gadgets without the connectivity to support them.

SIRO’s full fibre broadband network offers speeds of up to 2 Gigabits, meaning you never have to worry that your internet connection can’t cope with all these new tech gadgets being switched on Christmas morning.

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