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New Housing Developments with SIRO

Connectivity Matters and SIRO’s 100% fibre first broadband network delivers the highest possible speed of internet connection, 2Gb across Ireland. Not only does SIRO facilitate ultra-fast broadband, but also voice and television services.

Our research has found that broadband is now the most important factor for under-35’s when considering buying a house, above a garden (40%) or parking spot (15%). Respondents believe high-speed broadband should be available in all new homes from the first day residents move in, with 84% supporting a change in law to make this mandatory in all new developments.

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Why Choose SIRO for your Development?

Built on ESB Network

SIRO is a 100% fibre-to-the-home network and is built using the ESB’s existing electricity network, meaning no additional footpath space is required. Our cables sit physically inside ESB ducts. We also do not charge for bringing our network to your site(s).

Gigabit Speeds

Homebuyers want fast, reliable broadband that they can trust to meet their ever changing needs. SIRO guarantees the fastest broadband speeds now (up to 2Gb) and into the future (10Gb and beyond), adding to the value of and demand for properties.

Offering Choice to Home Owners

One single SIRO fibre first connection allows any of our retail service providers, Vodafone, Sky, Pure Telecom, Digiweb and more to offer their package of services: Broadband, TV, Voice. Each Retailer will pick what they wish to offer the end customer. SIRO, powering broadband, empowering Ireland.

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What's Involved?

Step 1: Early Engagement

Understanding the site and the plans is crucial; no such thing as ‘too early’. We understand this may change as you go through planning so please send us any new developments you have so we can assess for SIRO availability.

Step 2: Map The Site

As you finalise planning and have ESB drawings ready, our engagement will step up. We will review how the site is fed electrically, and provide you a detailed design based on that. We can work around your own processes and specific requirements.

Step 3: Ready When You Are

As your site goes through phasing to programme, our site crew works closely behind ESB. Regular engagement ensures a timely dispatch of crews to site ensuring service is live at point of occupancy.

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