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Code of Practice


The purpose of this Complaint Handling Code of Practice is to provide information and options to SIRO’s end-users and other stakeholders. As a wholesale provider to Electronic Communications Services Providers, any complaints related to services being provided through our reseller partners, must be directed towards your reseller, who is responsible for making an initial attempt to resolve your complaint. Such complaints may relate to the installation, service provision, faults, or cessation/migration of service. All reseller partners of SIRO are required to have their own Complaint Handling Process for the benefit of their end users.
As an Electronic Communications Network, complaints related to our network made outside of the context of an end-user contractual relationship with a reseller, shall be accepted by SIRO, and an initial attempt shall be made to resolve your complaint.

This Complaints Handling Code of Practice aims to provide:

  • Information on how to contact SIRO
  • Information on how to make a complaint
  • Contact details for alternative complaint bodies


According to the Commission for Communications Regulation (‘ComReg’), Electronic Communications Complaints Handling Code of Practice – Response to Consultation and Decision, ComReg 17/62 D04/17, a complaint means: “an issue raised by an end-user to an undertaking relating to that undertakings product or service or its complaints handling process where the issue remains unresolved following an initial attempt by the undertaking to resolve it or where there has been no attempt by the undertaking to resolve it and the end-user expresses dissatisfaction, through one of the channels set out in the code of practice, that the issue remains unresolved.”


SIRO shall handle complaints in accordance with the following process:

Stage Complainant Actions SIRO Response Target Initial Response Time
1 Initial contact by complainant, or by statutory agency on their behalf, to SIRO.
  • Assignment of Unique ID for the complaint.
  • Acknowledgement of complaint to complainant notifying them of their Unique ID.
2 Working Days
2 Initial investigation by SIRO
  • Team Investigates and seeks to resolve the complaint. This may include extracting log files related to the complainant’s complaint into the case
  • Team may initiate contact with complainant and will log all complainant contact related to the complaint into the case file.
  • Team categorises the complaint.
  • SIRO will make an initial determination on the complaint.
10 Working Days
3 Complainant disputes SIRO determination and requests an internal SIRO Escalation.
  • Team notes request for escalation in file and requests a review by Escalation Manager.
  • Escalation Manager will decide and notify complainant.
  • Escalation Manager will inform the complainant of their right to escalate the matter to Comreg should they still feel aggrieved.
10 Working Days
4 Complainant notifies Comreg who requests case file.
  • SIRO provides Comreg with case file and facilitates any queries. All queries logged in the case file.
4 Working Days
5 Comreg notifies SIRO of their investigation outcome
  • SIRO facilitates the Comreg determination or raises the issue to Director of Corporate Affairs for further resolution
within a week approximately


A complaint can be made in writing to SIRO DAC (“SIRO”) by post or email at the below addresses:

Postal Address:
The Herbert Building,
The Park,
Dublin 18,
D18 K8Y4

E-mail Address:

Once you have made a complaint to us, our team will reply to you by email to acknowledge your complaint. This email will contain the following:

  1. Confirmation that the complaint is recorded;
  2. A timeframe for resolving your complaint;
  3. The unique reference number you submitted with the complaint, which will be used to identify and track your case;
  4. The next steps in the process; and
  5. A link to this Code of Practice.

Complainant’s statutory rights are not affected by this complaint handling process.


We will keep a record of your complaint for as long as is necessary to resolve the complaint. The
following details shall be recorded:

  1. Your name, account number and contact details including a phone number;
  2. The date the complaint was raised and dates of all communication throughout the life cycle of the complaint to final closure;
  3. A copy of the written complaint or notes made from the voice/online communications with you relating to the complaint; and
  4. All communications with you including details of the response to the complaint, final resolutionand any determination in respect of the complaint with associated documentation.

In line with our Data Retention Policy, we will retain these details on our system for a minimum periodof one year after closure of the complaint. For legal reasons, complainant information may be held for up to 7 years.


We will endeavour to resolve all complaints in line with the Stages in the Complaint Handling Process section outlined above.However, where a final resolution cannot be provided in line with Stages in the Complaint Handling Process section outlined above, we will provide you with an appropriate timeframe for resolution, details of our ongoing resolution process, and details for contacting ComReg. If we have been unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 10 working days, you may refer the case to ComReg for further investigation.


SIRO is committed to ensuring that its end-users and stakeholders are treated with respect and courtesy and that all allegations of complaint are dealt with in a speedy manner to ensure that any possible failing on SIRO’s part is speedily and adequately remedied. The remedies available, depending on the nature of the complaint, to SIRO include, without affecting the complainant’s statutory rights, the provision of a remediation to the end user, arising from issues relating to the delivery of the service.


A complainant may at any time escalate his/her complaint to an appropriate external body.

If a complainant suspects the issue relates to an unsolicited commercial communication, the appropriate body is: Data Protection Commissioner:

Address 21 Fitzwilliam Square South, Dublin 2, D02 RD28

If you believe that your issue relates to the advertising practices of SIRO, the appropriate body is Advertising Standards Association of Ireland

Address 7 Herbert Street, Dublin 2, D02 K838
Phone +353 1 6137040

Under EU Regulations, consumers who have a complaint about goods or services purchased on-line have a right to refer their complaint to an independent
dispute resolution agency via the following link:
European Commission Online Dispute Resolution


Small Claims Court

  • To contact the Small Claims Court, see your telephone directory under Courts Service.
  • For your local office or visit the following website for further information:
  • For all other matters, if you have reason to query the outcome of our complaints handling process, please contact:

Commission for Communications Regulation

Phone +353 1 8049668
Phone +353 1890 432 432