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100% Fibre Connectivity

SIRO fibre-to-the-building broadband is the gold standard of broadband connectivity. Build on the ESB network, with no copper at any point on the network you know you can rely on it.

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Speed Matters

Enjoy speeds from 100Mbps up to 1Gbps depending on the needs of your business. You can scale up or down as you need and because there is capacity to support 10Gbps and beyond, this is the last connection your business will ever need.

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Co-Founder & Creative Director, CarveOn

Our website is our storefront to the world and having an internet connection through SIRO has made our lives so much easier.

What matters to you, matters to us...


SIRO is an open access, wholesale network. This means that we are available to all authorised broadband providers in the country, so you’re free to choose the best provider for you.


Whether it’s processing payments quickly, loading apps from the cloud faster, or avoiding buffering and downtime, you can do things faster with SIRO 100% fibre broadband for business.


Whatever you are in the business of, SIRO Business Broadband can help. Whether it’s offering guests or customers free WiFi, collaborating with clients remotely, or expanding your business online, we have the broadband solution for you.


Got Some Questions?

What is SIRO?

SIRO is a joint venture company between the ESB and Vodafone. We are building a 100% fibre-to-the-premise broadband network using the existing ESB infrastructure.  Launched in 2015, SIRO is Ireland’s first 100% Fibre wholesale network and offer speeds of up to 2 Gigabit, the fastest speeds available on the market.

Why did ESB & Vodafone get involved?

SIRO was launched in 2015 with our shareholders ESB and Vodafone committing €450m to connect the first 50 towns.  The two shareholders have complementary skill sets. ESB was a pioneer in electrifying Ireland and have unparalleled knowledge of large-scale engineering projects. Vodafone is Ireland’s leading mobile telecoms operator, with over a million customers and world-leading expertise in the transmission of data. These two companies enable SIRO to build a regional 100% fibre-to-the-building network, the first of its kind in Ireland. In 2021, we have received further investment of €620m into the expansion of our network to 770k homes and businesses across 154 towns.

Why is SIRO different?

SIRO’s key innovation is that it is a 100% fibre-optic internet connection all the way to the building (fibre-to-the-building), making it a vast improvement on any other broadband infrastructure currently available in Ireland, with no copper connection at any point in the network. SIRO is Fibre-to-the-building which means you’ll have incredible speed and reliability instantly.

How is SIRO installed?

When you purchase SIRO from a broadband provider, an engineer will visit your home at a time agreed by you to complete the fibre installation. SIRO will be brought into your home either overhead or underground and into the ESB meter box. An external connector box which houses the SIRO fibre will be positioned close to the ESB meter box.

The engineer will agree with you where to install our internal connector box. Some minor drilling is involved and some cabling depending on where you would like your modem. The engineer will ensure and prove that your home is receiving the fibre speed based on the package purchased.

For SME and Enterprise customers, an engineer will work with the business to determine the entry point. Where applicable the existing communications space will be utilised.