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Playing Our Part For The Planet

We’re becoming more sustainable in how we live and work

At SIRO, our role in serving communities and our success as a business has always been linked to the progress of our people, communities and businesses we serve. With this to the fore we will continue to expand the ways in which we grow as a profitable and purposively company committed to creating sustainable and thriving communities.

Our Cleaner Network

Less Emissions

There is 88% less greenhouse gas emissions per gigabit with Fibre-to-the-building infrastructure (p.12, SIRO Sustainability Strategy).

60% of our fleet has transitioned to EV, and we have reduced our scope 1 emissions by 29%.

Lower Energy Usage

There is up to 60% lower energy usage and 80% less maintenance required for fibre-to-the-building versus copper networks (p.14, SIRO Sustainability Strategy).

Existing Infrastructure

SIRO is being rolled out across the ESB network, maximising the use of existing infrastructure.

Women in leadership

SIRO promotes women in leadership. 35% of leadership roles are fulfilled by women. Education is key to ensuring a balanced work-place, unconscious bias training rolled out across the entire company and participation in the STEM education reaching 189 students across 7 schools

DEI Initiatives

Disability awareness training has been rolled out across the entire company and SIRO works with WALK to provide work opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

Creating More Sustainable Communities

Our broadband network puts more choice back in the hands of our customers and empowers them to live better and more connected lives.

  • Fibre broadband supports work from anywhere, ending the need for long commutes and reducing harmful fuel emissions
  • For business, our fibre broadband unlocks smart solutions, reducing their emissions and increasing energy efficiency
  • Our fibre network promotes inclusivity through increased access to employment opportunities, education and training, and health and social services

Biodiversity In Schools

In 2023, we are supporting biodiversity initiatives in primary schools and to students across Ireland through our partnership with Biodiversity in Schools. As part of this Pollinator Project initiative, we have:

  • Trained 1,000 children as pollinator ambassadors
  • Sent pollinator kits to 503 schools, and conducted workshops in 116 schools
  • 302 schools have taken pollinator pledges

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