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SIRO-Powered Brand Mark for Price Comparison Sites

SIRO Powered Fibre Broadband

September is usually a busy time for all of us – with summer holidays wrapped up, the adults back in work mode and the kids back in school. It is also the time when most households and families are looking to switch broadband. This year, given the worrying developments around COVID-19, more than ever we are looking to get good broadband in place so that we can continue to work, keep fit, entertain and socialise from the comfort and safety of our own home.

There are two main broadband technologies in Ireland: Fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) which uses copper at some points in the network, and Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) with 100% fibre-optic cables – the internationally recognised gold standard of broadband technology. We have spoken at length about the confusion around these two technologies: what is 100% fibre versus part-fibre broadband, the differences in speed and reliability, where can you avail of fibre and so on. This September, we have taken a step further and partnered with three popular price comparison sites – Switcher, Bonkers and Choosey to display the SIRO-Powered Broadband message where the retailer is selling a SIRO product. This ensures that the end consumer is getting SIRO as well as the speeds and reliability of 100% fibre – with no confusion whether the product is fibre or part-fibre.

SIRO-Powered broadband on Switcher:

SIRO-Powered broadband on Switcher

SIRO-Powered broadband on Switcher

On Bonkers:

SIRO-Powered broadband on Bonkers

SIRO-Powered broadband on Bonkers

On Choosey:

SIRO-Powered broadband on Choosey

Next time you’re comparing broadband on one of these sites, look out for the SIRO-Powered message that ensures you’re getting SIRO gold-standard 100% fibre broadband and nothing less. For now, why not Search your Eircode to see if you can connect to SIRO?