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Digital Leaders Series 2022: Jason Ward, Dell Technologies


Tell us about your business?

Dell Technologies has developed a strategic presence in Ireland over the past three decades. Our 5,000 strong team in Dublin, Cork and Limerick are at the forefront of innovation driven by technology.

Our three campuses have become one global hub for Sales, Services, Centres of Excellence Solutions Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Operations, Engineering, IT and Finance. By harnessing the capabilities of our teams across Ireland, we are able to deliver the innovative technologies that businesses and organisations need to build their digital future.

As we look ahead, our team at Dell Technologies Ireland is working to unlock the business benefits of next generation technologies including Edge Computing, AI and 5G so our customers can thrive in a data-driven age.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we have witnessed how technology enabled the rapid and successful shift to remote working.”


Outline the role digital technologies play in your business and/or the digital service or product you provide?

Since we first established a presence in Ireland in 1991, Dell Technologies has supported businesses and organisations of every size digitally transform and keep pace with the future of work. Through our collaborative approach, we have struck long-lasting partnerships across all sectors.

From helping Munster Technological University to harness the power of AI to helping Ireland’s national education and research network, HEAnet, provide almost 17,000 laptops to students engaged in remote learning, we’re helping to harness the power of technology to help Ireland’s education sector to remain agile and transform.


“As data becomes the driver of innovation and business transformation, technologies like AI and 5G are starting to become more critical to business success”


What are the key benefits that digital technologies can bring to Irish businesses?

Although faced with significant challenges over the past two years, businesses have understood the critical role of technology in keeping connected with their customers and their people. 98% considered technology key during this period while 68% plan on accelerating their digital transformation.

As data becomes the driver of innovation and business transformation, technologies like AI and 5G are starting to become more critical to business success. When people think of AI, for example, we usually talk about benefits in areas like finance, healthcare and business. AI is so much more than that and there is still an unlocked potential to use this technology to benefit society.

In the same way, 5G is more than just enhanced connectivity. It is the digital fabric for our data-driven era. In gaining real-time insights at the Edge, companies can roll out new applications and transform how they do business. While converging with IoT, Cloud, edge computing and robotics, 5G can truly drive forward the fourth industrial revolution.


 As connectivity improves across Ireland, what do you see as the big opportunities for Irish businesses from accelerated digital adaptation?

The business opportunities unlocked by accelerated digital adaption are endless. By making the right investment and placing a digital strategy at the centre, businesses in Ireland are staying ahead of competitors, innovating at speed, scaling up success globally and staying one step ahead of consumers’ needs. Since the start of the pandemic, we have witnessed how technology enabled the rapid and successful shift to remote working. For most companies, this move has proved that creating a culture of flexible working is possible – a culture which will provide greater flexibility for both people and organisations. As a result, businesses are able to access a broader and more diverse talent pool. This includes those in rural Ireland and others who may have been outside of traditional talent pools. The flexibility of the hybrid working model has also been crucial in levelling the playing field and helping to create a more inclusive work environment especially for those balancing other commitments.


For businesses to maximise benefits from digital technologies, what key advice would you give?

While many are adopting technologies at an unprecedented pace, this explosion in the growth of data is placing significant pressure on organisations as they look to store this most value asset. In this context, we have found that businesses have increasingly turned to as-a-Service models to gain the agility and cost predictability required to stay competitive. That’s why we recently introduced Dell Technologies APEX here in Ireland.

Our breakthrough portfolio of as-a-Service offerings radically simplifies the technology experience. This way organisations can focus more on running their business, accelerate innovation by quickly adapting to evolving business requirements, and run IT operations more effectively on their terms, all while minimising risk and maximising resources. By adopting the capabilities of the as-a-Service model, businesses in Ireland can now deploy their technology requirements wherever they are needed.

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