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Ivertec Becomes Latest Retailer To Offer SIRO Gigabit Broadband

SIRO, Ireland's leading fibre broadband operator has today announced that Kerry and Munster broadband retailer,  Ivertec is to join its network of retail partners. With offices based in Kerry and Cork City, Ivertec is a telecoms solutions company operating an extensive network in the Munster area specialising in residential and business connectivity services. SIRO is a broadband network operator, designing, building, and maintaining a full fibre network across Irish towns and cities. SIRO is also a wholesaler reselling its fibre broadband network for residential and business users to retailers such as Ivertec. This new partnership is good news for businesses in Munster, with Ivertec set to enhance broadband accessibility for local  businesses, offering them access to SIRO's 100% fibre broadband infrastructure. With a strong reputation built over 25 years, Ivertec is now a leading telecoms partner serving a wide range of businesses particularly in the corporate, education and hospitality sectors. Through this collaboration with SIRO, Ivertec gains access to the Gigabit broadband network, powered by 100% Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) technology, providing businesses in Munster with reliable and secure connectivity. The SIRO network is a benchmark for speed and reliability, offering businesses in Munster an unmatched connectivity experience. The alliance will leverage Ivertec's extensive experience in the Telecoms market and their local presence to bring SIRO's Gigabit broadband to even more businesses and homes. Gerard O Sullivan of IVERTEC said:
“Ivertec has firmly established itself as a reliable telecoms partner, particularly for SME clients. This new partnership with SIRO allows us to offer future proof Fibre connectivity to new and existing customers. We go the extra mile for clients by offering a range of services to enhance business operations. This includes dual WAN connectivity, Managed VOIP and Managed WiFi.” "We are excited to bring SIRO's Gigabit Broadband to our customers, empowering them with unparalleled internet speeds for their evolving digital needs."
SIRO Chief Commercial Officer , Ronan Whelan  noted:
"We are pleased to welcome Ivertec into the SIRO family as our retail partner. Their extensive coverage and commitment to providing high-quality broadband services aligns perfectly with SIRO's mission to connect Irish homes and businesses with world-class broadband infrastructure."
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A joint remote working initiative between SIRO, the fibre network operator, and Vodafone, Ireland’s leading broadband provider, known as the Gigabit Hub Initiative (GHI), has reached a new milestone by providing Gigabit broadband connectivity to 1,000 desks in hubs across regional Ireland, supporting more than 650 jobs since the programme was first established in 2016. The GHI works by providing best in class Gigabit connectivity for digital working hubs across Ireland. Under the Initiative, digital working hubs are connected, at no cost, to the SIRO full fibre network; provided with two years free Gigabit broadband; and receive both technical and marketing supports designed to provide best in class connectivity to remote working hubs and to help promote the hub to local users. Recognised as the international gold standard for broadband, the Fibre-to-the-Building connectivity is a major factor in helping to attract businesses and remote workers to the hubs across regional Ireland. This in turn creates a virtuous cycle by indirectly boosting investment and creating employment in the local economy. Powered by SIRO, The Ludgate GigaBitHub in Skibereen has recently joined the Learning In The Hubs Initiative Since it first commenced eight years, with the groundbreaking Ludgate Hub in Skibbereen, 20 remote and digital working hubs have now participated in the Initiative. Collectively the 20 Hubs now host over 1,000 desks, used by a wider range of businesses from larger more established companies to newly formed start-ups. A wide range and type of companies are now using Gigabit Hubs such as CitySwift, an intelligent transport data platform or TriggerFish Animation based in Galway’s PorterShed and CREW Digital hubs respectively or FRS Recruitment with a regional office in The Cube Portlaoise. Hubs which have benefitted from the Initiative include: Dundalk Regional Development Centre at the Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT); The Mill, Drogheda’s first purpose built innovation hub for the accelerated creation of new enterprises in the South Louth, East Meath and Drogheda areas; The Ludgate Hub a digital initiative first of its kind in rural Ireland and an exemplar project recognised by the European Commission; THE CUBE, a  Low Carbon Centre of Excellence dedicated to support and assist a transition to a low carbon economy for County Laois; and the most recent addition to the initiative, CREW Digital, a new enterprise space for businesses in the creative digital enterprise sector. While access to reliable and futureproofed broadband is just one aspect of what the hubs have to offer workers and employers in the hub’s footprint, it is recognised as a fundamental aspect. The certainty of a reliable, trusted fibre connection can be a major selling point. Vodafone Business Managing Director, Sinéad Bryan said:-
"Since the start of the Gigabit Hubs Initiative we have welcomed the impact the hubs have had and the significant contribution they have made to local economies and the communities in which they operate. We have seen the initiative accelerate remote working and the adaption of hybrid working models meaning many more people can pursue their careers within the area they are from and can benefit from a better work life balance. We are looking forward to welcoming more hubs and seeing the impact they have as the network expands and the initiative continues to go from strength to strength’’.
Commenting on the Initiative SIRO CEO John Keaney noted:
When this Initiative commenced back in 2016, the idea of either full or hybrid remote working was a very novel concept. Today, with more than 25% of Irish workers working in a hybrid way it has become mainstream. High quality, fast and reliable fibre broadband is the key enabler to this behaviour shift. “Digital hubs across Ireland are bringing hybrid working to a higher level. Focused not just on creating effective workspaces, but as enterprise centres for start-ups to grow and thrive, where companies can cross collaborate or by providing educational opportunities, they are having a huge effect on their wider communities. “SIRO is pleased to have contributed through this Initiative, in a small but impactful way, to the dynamic hub sector in Ireland, and we look forward to working with many more hubs in the years ahead,” added Mr. Keaney.
The application process for 2024 is now open and remote and digital working hubs are encouraged to apply. Details on the process can be found at
SIRO, Ireland's leading provider of 100% fibre broadband, has announced the expansion of its network to Tramore. Construction works in the town to facilitate SIRO’s network build have already commenced and will continue during the first half of 2024. SIRO’s fibre network will be available to over 4,000 premises in the town upon completion of the build. The announcement was made as part of a presentation by senior SIRO representatives to the monthly meeting of Waterford City and County Council on Thursday. Tramore will join Waterford city and Dungarvan as SIRO-enabled full fibre broadband towns. SIRO first rolled out its network to Waterford city in 2019 with over 12,000 premises in the city which can now connect to its network. [caption id="attachment_9045" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] 11/01/2024 The Mayor of Waterford City & County, Cllr.Joe Conway pictured on Tramore Beach, Co.Waterford with from left, Liam Rafter, SIRO Site Agent, Denis Cambridge, SIRO Build Director, Amanda Glancy, SIRO Director, Corporate Affairs, Jack Doyle, Broadband Officer, Waterford City & County Council and Damien Murray, SIRO Head of Strategic Projects.Picture:Noel Browne[/caption] Similarly, its build in Dungarvan will complete early this year, with almost 3,200 premises fibre enabled, with the majority of Dungarvan premises already live on the SIRO network. The network expansion to Tramore, will see over 19,000 premises and over 52,000 County Waterford residents passed by the SIRO network. Areas in Tramore which will benefit from the rollout include: Moonvoy Valley, Glenroad, Mountfield, Strandhill, Somerville, Meadowbrook, Ard Haven, Main & St. Patrick St, Priest’s Rd, Westbrook, Newtown, Carrigealea. The first homes in Tramore will be able to order the new broadband services from April 2024, with the remainder coming on stream over the following months. The rollout of a full fibre broadband network in Tramore is part of SIRO’s ongoing network growth. SIRO is targeting more than 700,000 premises in towns and cities across Ireland by 2026. To date, almost 550,000 premises in 135 towns across the country can access the SIRO network. Overall, SIRO is investing more than €1 billion in delivering high speed, future proofed broadband across Ireland. [caption id="attachment_9046" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] 11/01/2024 The Mayor of Waterford City & County, Cllr.Joe Conway pictured on Tramore Beach, Co.Waterford with from left, Amanda Glancy, SIRO Director, Corporate Affairs, Denis Cambridge, SIRO Build Director and Jack Doyle, Broadband Officer, Waterford City & County Council. .Picture:Noel Browne[/caption] SIRO Chief Executive Officer, John Keaney, commented,
"SIRO's expansion in Tramore is part of our ongoing objective to provide accessible and future proofed fibre broadband services to communities across Ireland. “Reliable connectivity is now a critical infrastructure for all communities and towns, like Tramore. Having this service for your home or business fosters economic development, drives job creation and underpins thriving and sustainable communities", added Mr. Keaney.
Michael Walsh, Waterford City and County Council Chief Executive, stated:
“The expansion of SIRO’s Full Fibre broadband network is welcome news for the County. We believe that, by promoting the digital agenda through a dynamic workforce and enhanced infrastructure, we can secure sustainable economic growth and prosperity into the future. “Establishing a secure and universal digital connectivity is crucial for unlocking economic, social, and environmental potential. This encompasses facilitating increased remote work, creating job prospects, accessing new markets for businesses, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of public services, and fostering more adaptable work environments. “Additionally, digital technologies can significantly contribute to the revitalisation of our towns and villages. Furthermore, they can play a vital role in decreasing energy and resource consumption and supporting the process of decarbonisation.”
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SIRO Ireland · Dublin 100k Announcement Newstalk
This week, we are happy to announce that our services are now available to 50,000 homes and businesses in Dublin City, and to 100,000 premises overall across the wider Dublin area. The €100 million rollout is part of a strategy to make services powered by SIRO available to areas underserved by fibre to the home broadband. The expansion in the capital follows close collaboration with Dublin City Council’s Telecoms Unit and with the broadband officers in the other three Dublin local authorities to advance its Dublin network roll-out. Within Dublin City Council’s borders this includes ‘new’ SIRO areas such as Dublin’s Docklands, East Wall, Walkinstown, Kimmage and Crumlin. Our network is already well established in other parts of the city such as Fairview, Raheny, Finglas, Artane or Coolock. This is in addition to our expanded network footprint across the four Dublin local authority areas, which now encompasses more than 30 suburban towns from Balbriggan in Fingal as far south as Shankill in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown. SIRO plans to continue to build across Dublin city and county where other commercial opportunities exist. Lord Mayor of Dublin, Daithí de Róiste noted:
“This is a really positive investment for Dublin, and I am delighted that the City Council have been able to support SIRO in the delivery of this essential digital infrastructure particularly in areas such as East Wall, Docklands. Kimmage and Crumlin. We need to ensure that all of our communities have access to high quality broadband services and are not left behind as the adoption of new technologies and digital services continue to accelerate.”
SIRO John Keaney Chief Executive Officer, noted:
"The presumption that our cities already enjoy universal full fibre connectivity can be inaccurate. Poor broadband can exist in areas of our cities and its suburbs, just as much as it can be found in more remote areas. Yet, future-proofed and reliable fibre connectivity is key to the economic life of our capital city and in all the communities which make up its constituent parts. “SIRO is rolling out our network across Dublin, city and county, because a real need exists to address existing connectivity blackspots. By now reaching areas underserved by fibre to the home broadband, such as the Docklands, East Wall or Crumlin and Walkinstown, we are striving to ensure these areas have the broadband infrastructure essential for the future wider social and economic development of the city,” added Mr. Keaney.
Smart City Program Manager at Dublin City Council, Jamie Cudden stated:
“Investments like this from SIRO support our ambition to future-proof Dublin ensuring that we can take advantage of new and emerging technology trends. When we established our Telecoms Unit in 2022, we committed to work with the telecoms sector to help streamline and accelerate network rollout through better co-ordination and collaboration. The real winners here are communities across Dublin who will have access to world class digital infrastructure and choice of providers.”
SIRO is a joint venture between ESB and Vodafone, formed in 2015, to roll out a new full fibre broadband network across Ireland. To date, SIRO has rolled out network to every county in Ireland with its broadband network in over 135 towns and cities and available to almost 550,000 homes and businesses nationwide. The company is on track to reach 700,000 premises by 2026. To check if your home or business is SIRO enabled, search your Eircode here [lookup_modal type="eircode" button-text="Search Your Eircode" position="mid" title="Input your Eircode to check whether SIRO is available at your location"]
The holiday season is a time for spreading joy, sharing gifts, and embracing the spirit of giving. As we are all on the lookout for the ideal gifts, it's important to recognise the influence of our decisions and the invaluable support we can extend to local businesses. In Ireland, the sentiment to buy local is strong, with 62% of shoppers keen on purchasing gifts from Irish businesses. Furthermore, nearly seven in 10 individuals are committed to sourcing Irish food for their festive feasts. The variety of offerings from Irish artisans and entrepreneurs is significant. From crafted jewellery and traditional knitwear to delectable artisanal foods and unique handcrafted goods, the diversity is impressive and diverse. These businesses are often steeped in passion, tradition, and innovation, reflecting the vibrant culture of Ireland. Choosing to support Irish businesses contributes not just to the economy but also to the preservation of local artistry, sustainability, and the livelihoods of fellow community members. Here's why it's worth considering and how you can make a difference this festive season. Unveiling Unique Treasures Irish businesses often specialise in creating unique, one-of-a-kind products. Each piece - be it a hand-knit Aran sweater, delicately designed Celtic jewellery, or artisanal chocolates made from family recipes – has an individuality that sets them apart from mass-produced items. They carry stories, histories, and demonstrate the dedication and talent of local creators. Nurturing Local Economy Supporting local businesses is akin to investing in the local community. 1,093,747 people were employed in SMEs in 2020, which was over two-thirds of the total Irish workforce. Many of whom are currently employed in businesses working in the craft, food or hospitality sectors. When you purchase from an Irish business, you directly contribute to the livelihoods of your neighbours, friends, and families. This sustains local employment, boosts economic growth, and helps in the preservation of cultural heritage and traditions. Fostering Sustainability Many Irish businesses take pride in their sustainable practices. Whether it's sourcing materials locally, using eco-friendly packaging, or implementing ethical production methods, these businesses often prioritise sustainability. By supporting them, you indirectly contribute to a more environmentally conscious economy, whilst avoiding the negative aspects related to products transported into Ireland from far flung destinations. How to Support Irish Businesses Online In an increasingly digital world, online shopping presents a vast landscape of options. Here are some ways to prioritise Irish businesses in your holiday shopping:
  1. Explore Irish Marketplaces: Platforms like "Guaranteed Irish Gifts” and "Irish Design Shop" are dedicated to promoting Irish products. They serve as hubs for a variety of locally crafted goods, making it easier to find unique gifts. SIRO is a proud member of the Guaranteed Irish network of businesses based in Ireland that support sustainable jobs, and make positive contributions to local communities.
  2. Social Media and Direct Websites: Many Irish businesses showcase their products on social media platforms or have their dedicated websites. Follow and engage with these businesses directly to stay updated on their offerings and promotions.
  3. Local Business Directories: Utilise local business directories to find Irish shops, boutiques, and craftspeople. These directories offer comprehensive lists of businesses within specific regions, making it easier to discover hidden gems in your vicinity.
  4. Gift Irish Experiences: Consider gifting experiences from local businesses, such as cooking classes, brewery tours, or vouchers for local restaurants. These unique experiences contribute to the local economy and create lasting memories.
By supporting Irish businesses, we can enhance this joy, making a significant impact on our local communities and preserving Ireland's rich cultural heritage. Let's make a difference and celebrate the season by spreading the love for local businesses. If you are buying your Christmas gifts online, make sure you enjoy a seamless shopping experience with SIRO 100% fibre broadband. To see if SIRO is available to you, search your Eircode today [lookup_modal type="eircode" button-text="Search Your Eircode" position="mid" title="Input your Eircode to check whether SIRO is available at your location"]
SIRO, a leading broadband operator, has today announced that it is expanding its full fibre broadband network to Celbridge and Leixlip. Build is now underway in both towns, with the network expected to go live, on a rolling basis, at the end of this year and into 2024. With this latest expansion in County Kildare, SIRO’s network will now be available in 13 towns across the county. These towns include Athy, Clane, Johnstown, Kilcock, Kildare town, Maynooth, Monasterevin, Naas, Newbridge, Prosperous, Sallins, and now Celbridge and Leixlip. The announcement was made as part of a presentation by senior SIRO representatives to the monthly meeting of Kildare County Council this week. In Celbridge, SIRO’s rollout is targeting a total of 2,200 premises, with the majority (2,000 premises) of these now built and already able to connect to SIRO’s network and the remainder joining the network in 2024. SIRO’s network in Leixlip is expected to go live the first half of 2024. SIRO has been rolling out its network across Ireland and County Kildare since 2016. Over that period SIRO's total investment in County Kildare has reached €40 million, with 40,000 premises or 110,000 people who can now access its network. The roll-out of a full fibre broadband network in Celbridge and Leixlip is part of SIRO’s ongoing network growth. SIRO is targeting more than 700,000 premises in towns and cities across Ireland by 2026. To date, over 540,000 premises in 135 towns across the country can access the SIRO network. Overall, SIRO is investing more than €1 billion in delivering high speed, future proofed broadband across Ireland. Commenting on the announcement, SIRO Chief Executive Officer, John Keaney, said:
"Today SIRO is announcing the expansion of our broadband services to Celbridge and Leixlip – the 12th and 13th towns in the county to have access to our full fibre broadband network. “SIRO’s network now has a significant footprint in the county. Demand for SIRO’s network across Kildare, provided through our retail partners such as Virgin Media, Vodafone and Sky, has been consistently strong, and we expect to see a similar demand in our newest Kildare towns. “Since our foundation, SIRO has been committed to connecting communities with high-speed, high-quality, and dependable broadband. Our track record of delivery in Kildare speaks to our ongoing commitment to the county. “Access to reliable and future proofed connectivity is essential for all communities to live more sustainably and in ways that meet their needs, but also for businesses and enterprise to thrive across Kildare”, added Mr. Keaney.
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SIRO and Vodafone have today announced a connectivity partnership with Galway’s CREW, Creative Enterprise, and Innovation Hub, a new shared and own-door enterprise space for businesses in the creative digital enterprise sector that is scheduled to open in early 2024. CREW will join Vodafone-SIRO’s GigaBitHub Initiative, which provides world class Gigabit full fibre broadband connectivity to digital hubs across Ireland. The CREW (Creative Enterprise West) Enterprise Hub will support enterprises in the CREA-Tech sector, defined as where creativity meets technology. The sector includes digital design, film and TV production, virtual production, animation, gaming, content development and immersive technologies. It is estimated that there are already 3,000 businesses working in this sector in the West of Ireland. Seizing the opportunity to grow the sector and jobs within it further is a key focus for government. The CREW Creative Enterprise Hub will provide individual office spaces, co-working spaces and hot desks for 160 people working within the CreaTech sector; offer incubation and accelerator programmes; and offer wider outreach services beyond the Hub across the Atlantic region. CREW have already confirmed several high-profile clients who will base themselves at the Creative Enterprise Hub, Ireland’s first Hub dedicated to this sector, these include Screen Ireland, the national development agency for the Irish film, television and animation industry, Ardán, which supports individuals within the film, TV, games and animation industries and global animation company, Triggerfish. [caption id="attachment_8799" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] SIRO and Vodafone announce connectivity partnership (as part of their Gigabit Hub Initiative), with Galway’s latest innovation hub – Creative Enterprise West (CREW). The Hub is set to open in early 2024 and is focused on supporting businesses in creative arts[/caption] There are a number of offices and desks available for startup companies, SME’s and individuals wishing to base themselves at CREW. CREW “Creative Enterprise West” is a collaborative initiative led by Atlantic Technological University’s School of Design and Creative Arts (ATU Galway City, Wellpark Road), the Western Development Commission (WDC) and Ardán. Funding for the hub was received from Enterprise Ireland (EI) through the Regional Enterprise Development Fund. The Hub, which is expected to open early in 2024, is a new purpose-built facility located on the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) Galway City (Wellpark Rd) campus, just one mile from Galway city centre. Vodafone-SIRO’s GigaBitHub Initiative is centred on providing reliable, resilient and future proofed connectivity to digital hubs across Ireland. It empowers hubs by providing them with high-speed, high-quality full fibre broadband. The GigaBitHub Initiative commenced in 2016 with the aim of enabling remote working and digital hubs with broadband connectivity, allowing both the hub and their users to run and grow their businesses seamlessly. Since then, the Initiative has partnered with 21 hubs in every corner of Ireland, from Ludgate Hub in Skibbereen to The Base in Stranolar in Donegal. CREW will be the third Galway hub to join the Initiative, with PorterShed in Galway City and Comworks in Loughrea already members. Commenting on the Vodafone-SIRO connectivity partnership CREW CEO, Niamh Costello, said: 
“CREW’s Creative Enterprise and Innovation Hub is set to be a game-changer for the CREA-Tech sector in Galway and the West. With world-class connectivity provided by SIRO and Vodafone, our members will have the tools they need to drive innovation, collaboration, and growth in this fast-growing industry. “We look forward to working with SIRO and Vodafone to elevate Ireland’s Creative Industries sector as a global frontrunner. This collaboration empowers our members with the essential connectivity resources and networks to thrive on a world stage.”
Vodafone Ireland Network Director, Sheila Kavanagh, stated:
“Since our Gigabit Hubs initiative started in 2017, we have welcomed its impact as the hubs have made significant contributions to the local economies and communities in which they operate. “Our latest connectivity partnership with Galway’s CREW Innovation Hub, will further build on the opportunities available to the people of Galway, ensuring that they can pursue their CREA-Tech careers within the area they are from and can benefit from a better work life balance.”
SIRO CEO, John Keaney, said:
“Galway has always been synonymous with both the creative arts and a strong tech sector, so it is really fitting that the city will now have a dedicated creative enterprise hub to further develop and grow this sector. “The CREW Hub will help elevate the West’s creative industries sector empowering individual and businesses to unlock the opportunities enabled by digital technologies. This includes developing new creative technologies, collaborating remotely with other enterprises and reaching wider global audiences. The SIRO-Vodafone partnership we are announcing today will provide the connectivity foundation which makes these ambitions possible,” added Mr. Keaney.
For more on CREW, visit:   SIRO is currently accepting applications for GigaBitHub applications within our network footprint. For more information, please visit
As Black Friday approaches, Irish businesses have a golden opportunity to enhance their online sales and build customer engagement and loyalty for the longer term. A seamless online shopping experience can significantly boost your revenue and ensure Black Friday is a resounding success. Below are some simple and effective ways to achieve this goal.

Optimise your website speed

Web traffic during Black Friday is three times higher than any normal day in October; which means that businesses must ensure their websites are optimised for traffic to avoid driving potential customers away. Resources like Google’s PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix can analyse your site’s content and generate specific suggestions to improve its speed. Here are additional tactics that can help to accelerate your site’s loading time:

Compress images

Keep in mind that large images on web pages can delay loading times. Try compressing and optimise images on your website by changing their file formats, enabling lazy loading, or compressing images through lossy or lossless compression.

Cache your web pages

One of the most effective ways to improve load time is a process called "caching." This means that copies of your site's files are prepared in a readily accessible place in your server. Every time a consumer visits your site, the cached file is sent to the visitor's browser and your server doesn't need to retrieve all the relevant content from your database, using fewer resources to complete the process. You can cache your web pages in a few different ways using caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket, .

Use a CDN

Ensure that your website can seamlessly handle increased traffic and transactions by integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance page loading speed. CDNs efficiently and securely distribute various forms of digital content to your website's visitors, regardless of where they are in the world or the device they are using. This is achieved by storing and distributing duplicates of your website's static content through servers positioned globally. You have a range of CDN alternatives to select from, including the option to enable a CDN directly from your dashboard if your hosting provider offers this feature.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic search can help generate additional sales from visitors looking for a specific item, but unsure of where to find it. While an SEO strategy takes time to implement, following these tactics can contribute to more organic traffic and sales on Black Friday.

Optimise for specific keywords

Be sure to incorporate Black Friday-related keywords in your page titles, URLs, and alt-text to boost your SEO ranking on search engines. By working on SEO, you can lead new customers to your website and make it easier for returning customers to find their way back. The same principle applies to the imagery on your website. Be sure to add alt text to the images that is relevant to the item and ties back to the keyword(s) you're optimising for. This will improve your site's crawlability.

Mobile Optimisation

With the rise of mobile shopping, it's crucial to have a mobile-optimised website. Keep in mind that Google's Mobile-first Index evaluates search results exclusively based on the mobile version of web pages. This means mobile-optimised will rank first on search results. Ensure that your site is responsive and user-friendly on smartphones and tablets. Once you have established the mobile version of your website, you can assess its user-friendliness using a range of complimentary tools provided by Google.

Create dedicated landing pages

To make your business stand out in the online Black Friday landscape, it is recommended to create a dedicated landing page. This way you can enhance your Black Friday campaigns and convert more visitors into long-term customers. By directing traffic to your Black Friday landing page, you can educate customers about your brand and products, gather campaign-specific data, capture visitor information for future targeting, and showcase other products of interest.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

During the competitive shopping season of Black Friday, long-tail keywords can play a crucial role in driving targeted traffic and conversions. Consumers searching for "best Black Friday TV deals" or " Black Friday fashion discounts" for example, are closer to making a purchase. By incorporating these targeted keywords into your SEO strategy, you can connect with potential customers actively seeking your products or services.

Leverage social media

In this digital age, social media is a powerful tool to reach your target customers and boost your leads during Black Friday. Identify the social channels in which your audiences are more active. Plan a tailored social media campaign to showcase your best deals, and discounts, utilising high-quality visuals and a compelling copy. With the use of relevant hashtags, you can expand the visibility of your posts and join trending conversations around to Black Friday. By implementing these tactics, you can make the most of Black Friday and make it a memorable shopping event for your business and customers alike. Keep in mind also that a fast and reliable broadband connection is necessary to successfully optimise your website and boost your online sales. With speeds up to 10Gb, SIRO’s 100% fibre broadband can enable you to do business different on Black Friday. To find out if SIRO 100% fibre broadband is available in your area, search your Eircode today [lookup_modal type="eircode" button-text="Search Your Eircode" position="mid" title="Input your Eircode to check whether SIRO is available at your location"]
ChatGPT, launched back in November 2022, has taken the world by storm. A recent article by RTE noted that by April of this year there were 173 million users of ChatGPT globally. This number can only be expected to grow, as more and more people begin to use this tool. ChatGPT is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chatbot, which can both comprehend and form human-like answers when asked a question by a user. This kind of technology is designed to help you with any questions you may have – on any topic, within an almost instantaneous timeframe. Like a google search, but one that you can chat back and forth with. As with any technology there are multiple benefits and some limitations to using ChatGPT. Although these limitations may reduce overtime. Below we look at some of the most beneficial ways in which individuals can use ChatGPT and are the watchouts that are good to bear in mind.

User Benefits:

Generating Creative Ideas

The great thing about ChatGPT is that it can help you with creative generating ideas it’s proving difficult for you to generate them. For instance, if you had writers block and were looking to make a start on a blog for your company website – you can get some inspiration from using this tool. You could ask the chatbot "List X number of ideas for blogs about Y.” You can assess the results and go from there.

Making recommendations

Another example could be if you’re due to host movie night for friends/family and need some recommendations on what to watch to watch and where, you could ask the chatbot “What are some of the best movies on Netflix Ireland right now?”, or “What are the best streaming platforms to watch X movie on?”.  Movie night is saved at a touch of a button!

Improving your existing content

Looking to update your CV or draft a strong cover letter? ChatGPT can help you tailor your CV according to the job you are applying for, maximising your chances of getting that job you’ve always wanted. You could ask something like “Generate 5 bullet points which demonstrate my ability to do X skill”. Further, it can assist with drafting a cover letter for the job you are applying for, tailoring it to the job description and requirements. Overall, this is a beneficial tool for jobseekers, as it saves you a lot of time and energy.

Help with Homework

Not by doing your homework, but by explaining concepts and ideas to you in individualised way that matches your learning style. Think of scenario where what’s written in your textbook just doesn’t make sense to you. You can ask ChatGPT to explain the same concept to you and then continue to interact with it by asking follow on questions which makes it much clearer and easier to understand.

The Limitations:

Unable to distinguish between fact and fiction:

ChatGPT’s information is gathered from data from the internet. The limitation with this is that the information provided isn’t 100% guaranteed to be always accurate and factually correct. The information could be unreliable, based on opinion vs. fact and could also show an element of bias. For students, this is something to keep in mind. It’s important to fact check the information given or cross check with another source, before deciding to use it.

Inability to understand context:

Unfortunately, ChatGPT gathers answers to a question asked, but it is unable to comprehend other information which would come before/after this, to develop a proper discussion. If humour or sarcasm are used, ChatGPT would struggle to comprehend this. So, it’s recommended to bear this in mind when dealing with the Chatbot.

Issues with generating long-form content:

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Today we are happy to announce that build works are underway for homes and businesses in Youghal to bring full fibre broadband to the town later this year. Our fibre broadband will bring reliable, high-speed connectivity to over 3,000 homes and businesses in Youghal. The build works in the area, carried out on behalf of SIRO by build contractor CBE, commenced during the summer, with the works set to complete early next year. Areas in Youghal which will benefit from the roll out include (but are not limited to): Radharc na Mara, Kilcoran Place, Upper Strand Road, Meadowvalley, Chestnut Drive, Shanavine, Seafield, Rectory Road, Carleton Village, Bay View Grove, The Estuary, Cnoc Aoibhinn and Quarry Vale. Homes and businesses in Youghal will be able to order SIRO from one of its many retailer partners, including Virgin Media, Vodafone, Sky, Digiweb, Pure Telecom, Blacknight Solutions and Fastcom. The build works in Youghal are being undertaken by contractor, CBE, on behalf of SIRO. Portuguese-founded CBE now employs a significant local workforce in Cork. CBE have successfully partnered with SIRO, since 2017, on its full fibre broadband network rollout across Ireland. This work includes over 100,000 premises with 44,000 in Cork alone. Towns that can already avail of SIRO in Cork include Ballincollig, Carrigaline, Carrigtwohill, Cork City, Little Island, Mallow, Midleton, Passage West and Skibbereen. We are currently rolling out to a number of further Cork County towns which are already under construction or due to commence later this year such as Bandon, Fermoy and Kinsale. [caption id="attachment_8666" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]John Keaney, CEO of SIRO, Minister Simon Coveney and Carlos Barroqueiro, CEO of CBE John Keaney, CEO of SIRO, Minister Simon Coveney and Carlos Barroqueiro, CEO of CBE[/caption] SIRO is a joint venture between ESB and Vodafone delivering full fibre broadband to towns and cities across Ireland. The company’s network uses the existing ESB electricity network to bring connectivity to the hearth of homes and businesses. To date, SIRO’s fibre broadband network is available to over 520,000 premises in more than 135 towns across Ireland, including over 60,000 premises across Cork city and county. The company is on track to deliver full fibre broadband to over 700,000 premises by 2026. Our full fibre network can provide speeds of up to 2 Gigabits per second for residential customers and up to 10 Gigabits per second for business and enterprise customers. Launching SIRO’s Youghal network, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney TD, noted that:
The rollout will have a transformative effect on Youghal as Fibre-to-the-Building is recognised as the gold standard for broadband internationally. As a result, this will give Youghal businesses a head start against their peers both at home and internationally, as well as giving homes access to the latest innovative digital services. This substantial investment by SIRO is another sign of how Government has encouraged investment by the private sector to boost our broadband capability.”
Commenting on the announcement, SIRO CEO John Keaney said:
“Fast and resilient connectivity is the cornerstone of how we all now live and work. “Having a full fibre network outside your door, gives the community of Youghal - homes and businesses - a resource that enables and empowers their community to live sustainably, thrive economically and attract investment into the town. “The arrival of SIRO’s fibre broadband to Youghal will hugely benefit the local community ensuring they have a connection which is reliable, high-speed and future-proofed. “We are pleased with the progress made so far on building out our network in Youghal, with our contract partner CBE, and looking forward to our service becoming available to order by the end of this year,” added Mr. Keaney.
For further information on CBE’s work, please visit their website To connect to SIRO’s broadband network register your interest here. [mailchimp_modal button-text="Register Your Interest" title="Sign Up Form" position="mid"]