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Who To Contact and When

Whether you have questions about installation, need help with your service, or have other concerns, this guide will help you know who to contact and when. Please remember that SIRO is a wholesale provider, which means any queries relating to internet service, pricing, speed levels are better answered by your preferred retailer (Sky, Virgin Media, Vodafone, Digiweb etc.).   

Learn more about SIRO’s fibre network and our installation process on Our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you cannot find the information you need or have an urgent issue, here are your options: 

When to contact SIRO 

If you need to contact SIRO, please note that we don’t have a direct phone line; you can email your queries to . 

  • Build and Infrastructure Queries:  If your query relates to SIRO’s build work or SIRO’s infrastructure on the ground, please contact us via email at 
  • Availability queries: For queries about SIRO availability at your premise, use our Availability Checker. If you cannot find your premises here and want to know if and when SIRO will be available in your area, please reach out to us at 
  • Connecting your new-built home: If you have just moved or are due to move into a new development and do not yet have an Eircode, please contact SIRO on and we can let you know if SIRO is available at your new home and help you get connected.  

When to contact your broadband provider

SIRO works closely with our broadband retailer partners, who handle your service and manage all customer inquiries. If you need assistance, please contact your broadband provider directly. They will coordinate directly with SIRO for any technical support required. 

Here are some scenarios when you should contact your broadband provider: 

  • Installation Queries: For specific technical questions about your installation, such as cabling or equipment sizing, discuss these with the installer during your appointment.
  • Appointment Details: For information about your installation appointment, including the time and date, contact your broadband provider. 
  • New Tenant/SIRO Number request: If you are a new tenant or need your SIRO number, check your previous bills or ask your provider to initiate the new tenant process if there is an active line in the premise. 
  • Issues with Installation: If there are problems with the installation, such as late arrival or cancelled appointments, report these to your provider. 
  • Faults and Service Issues: For issues with your broadband service, your provider will help diagnose the problem. They will contact SIRO directly if technical support is needed and have the latest updates on any known faults or outages. 


We hope this guide helps you find the right assistance quickly and easily. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at