FAQ - Personal

  • SIRO is a joint venture company the ESB and Vodafone, SIRO is building a 100% fibre optic broadband network, delivered through the national electricity network.  SIRO will deliver 1 Gigabit speeds to 500,000 premises in 50 regional towns across Ireland. SIRO, powered by entirely light, is different and better than any other broadband infrastructure in Ireland, with no copper connection at any point in the network.

  • The 100% fibre network is deployed to individual premises using ESB’s electricity overhead and underground infrastructure. It will be inserted into existing ducts that already exist directly to the home. In some areas, it will simply be a matter of stringing a fibre cable to existing overhead power cables. Overall disruption will be minimal.

  • No, you do not require a phone line to avail of SIRO broadband.

  • When you purchase SIRO from a broadband provider, an engineer will visit your home at a time agreed by you. SIRO will be brought into your home either overhead or underground and into the ESB metre box. An external connector box which houses the SIRO fibre will be positioned close to the ESB metre box.

    The engineer will agree with you where to install our internal connector box. Some minor drilling is involved and some cabling depending on where you would like your modem. The engineer will ensure and prove that your home is receiving the fibre speed based on the package purchased.

  • SIRO’s key innovation is that it is a 100% fibre-optic internet connection all the way to the building (fibre-to-the-building), making it a vast improvement on any other broadband infrastructure currently available in Ireland, with no copper connection at any point in the network. SIRO is fibre-to-the-home which means you’ll have incredible speed and reliability instantly.

  • As an open access wholesaler, SIRO develops the network and then makes it available for local broadband providers to bring to the public. Our retail providers offer a range of different products and speeds to end consumers at different price points.

  • SIRO offers speeds of 1 Gigabit (1000Mbps) per second to broadband operators, but they may choose to offer a range of different products & speeds to end consumers at different price points.

  •  To check availability in your home, please visit our address checker on siro.ie/search-your-address

  • SIRO is a wholesale operator and we are responsible for building the SIRO network. If you are experiencing any service issues, we must advise you to contact your chosen retail provider.