SIRO. 100% Fibre Broadband for Business.

Speeds of 1 Gigabit per second, built on the ESB Network

SIRO for Enterprise

At SIRO, we understand large companies require more than fast broadband. Corporate demands are evolving faster than ever in the era of the digital economy and Internet of Things.

  • Our Enterprise-grade 100% fibre product offers speeds of 1 Gigabit per second (with the capability to support 10Gbps and beyond).
  • SIRO is built on the ESB network, ensuring exceptional reliability. Your business can connect thousands of devices on a SIRO network without interruption or loss of signal.
  • Faster cloud apps: our Enterprise partner retailers support a full range of end-to-end solutions, from payment processing to video conferencing.
  • Diversity: Our network follows the electrical network instead of telecoms routes.
  • Our highly resilient fibre-optic network will enable your business to adapt to future technologies and cater to evolving business needs for decades to come.

SIRO is available at leading Enterprise retail partners such as Vodafone, Viatel, Nova Telecom, Blacknight and Magnet Networks. Contact our retail partners for more information.

SIRO Business Retail Partners


When you run your own business, downtime simply isn’t an option and your current copper connection is unlikely to meet all your business needs. Introducing SIRO, the gold standard of broadband connectivity, offering speeds of 1 Gigabit per second. SIRO ‘s brand new 100% fibre network is built on the ESB infrastructure, enabling businesses of any size to experience industry-leading reliability.

SIRO enables you to connect and collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues, customers and suppliers. Upload large files in seconds, offer your customers wifi, send and receive emails instantly, enable contactless payment, video-call without buffering– the possibilities are endless with SIRO’s best-in-class connectivity.

Unlike a traditional copper network, fibre-optic cables are extremely resilient against heat, humidity and extreme weather conditions, enabling you to future proof your business for decades and generations. Search your address to find out if you can connect to SIRO today.

Why Choose SIRO 100% Fibre for Your Business?

  • SIRO ESB Broadband

    Diversity on the ESB Network

    Our network follows the electrical network instead of the usual telecoms routes.

  • SIRO fibre broadband with Speeds of 1 Gigabit per second

    Gigabit Speeds

    100% fibre broadband supports speeds up to 1 Gbps.

  • Symmetric Connection

    Symmetric Connection

    100 Mbps to 1 Gbps download and upload speeds.

  • SIRO 100% Fibre Broadband


    Fibre optic cables are less susceptible to electronic interference and are resistant to high temperature, humidity and fire.

  • Future Proof Your Business

    Capacity to support 10 Gbps and beyond. The last connection you’ll ever need.

  • Business Testimonial

    Business Testimonial

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  • SIRO Installation

    SIRO Installation

    See just how easy it is to bring SIRO 100% broadband directly into your home.

The Power of SIRO Connectivity

SIRO 100% fibre network empowers businesses across regional Ireland to compete on a global scale. Hear from Richard Stafford, Founder and CEO of Apridata on his decision to set up business in Cavan to avail of SIRO’s world-class connectivity.

Gigabit Hubs

Connecting SMEs since 2016

The Gigabit Hub Initiative, powered by SIRO and Vodafone, aims to spark a digital transformation by providing Gigabit connectivity and space for local innovation, collaboration and digital education in 15 towns nationwide.



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Common questions about SIRO

What is SIRO?

SIRO is a joint venture company between the ESB and Vodafone. We are building a 100% fibre optic broadband network using the ESB’s infrastructure.  SIRO’s key differentiator is that it is a custom-built 100% fibre-optics network delivering speeds of 1 Gigabit per second, with no copper connection at any point in the network, making it faster and more reliable than any other traditional broadband infrastructure in Ireland. 

Why did ESB & Vodafone get involved?

SIRO was launched in 2015 with our shareholders ESB and Vodafone committing €450m to connect the first 50 towns.  The two shareholders have complementary skill sets. ESB was a pioneer in electrifying Ireland and have unparalleled knowledge of large-scale engineering projects. Vodafone is Ireland’s leading mobile telecoms operator, with over a million customers and world-leading expertise in the transmission of data. These two companies enable SIRO to build a regional 100% fibre-to-the-building network, the first of its kind in Ireland.  

Why choose SIRO?


SIRO’s 100% fibre-to-the-premise network is delivered using ESB existing infrastructure, with no copper connection at any point in the networkFibre-optic cables are not affected by environmental factors than can weaken signals over copper cables. For example, the signal on a copper wire drops massively over just two kilometres, whereas fibre-optic cable over the same distance is extremely reliable. Unlike copper, fibre is highly resistant to heat, humidity and extreme weather conditions.  



SIRO’s 100% fibre broadband offers speeds of 1 Gigabit per second, while a copper-based network generally delivers speeds of up to 100 Megabits per second. 25GB HD movie would take 3 minutes to download on a FTTH 1Gbps connection, but more than 30 minutes on a FTTC 100Mbps connection (source: FTTH Council Europe) 


Multiple Devices 

Our homes and offices are full of devices – multiple laptops, tablets, consoles and mobiles are usually connected to the internet at once. With SIRO 100% fibre broadband, you can connect as many devices to your broadband as you like and not slow down your connection. 


Future Proof 

Unlike copper network, fibre-optic cables are extremely resilient to heat, humidity and extreme weather conditions, making this the last broadband connection you’ll ever need. Our Gigabit network is capable of supporting much faster speeds in the future, enabling homes and businesses to cater to evolving technologies and meet future data needs.  


Why is SIRO different?

SIRO’s key innovation is that it is a 100% fibre-optic internet connection all the way to the building (fibre-to-the-building), making it a vast improvement on any other broadband infrastructure currently available in Ireland, with no copper connection at any point in the network. SIRO is Fibre-to-the-building which means you’ll have incredible speed and reliability instantly.

Will everybody get speeds of 1Gb?

SIRO offers speeds of 1 Gigabit (1000Mbp) per second to broadband operators, but they may choose to offer a range of different products & speeds to end consumers at different price points. Various factors which SIRO has no control over may impact the speed of the wifi in your premise. For example, the age of devices and router used and their ability to deal with 1GB speeds may result in a slower experience.

How do I check if SIRO is available in my home/business?

To check availability in your home or business, please visit our address checker

How much does SIRO cost?

As an open access wholesaler, SIRO develops the network and then makes it available for local broadband providers to bring to the public. Our retail providers offer a range of different products and speeds to end consumers at different price points.

What is the timeframe for delivery?

Due to commercial sensitives, we will announce specific timelines for individual towns closer to the date.

I’m experiencing service issues, who do I contact?

SIRO is a wholesale operator and we are responsible for building the SIRO network. If you are experiencing any service issues, we must advise you to contact your chosen retail provider.

What were the criteria for town selection?

SIRO is a commercial venture and will be delivered to 50 towns in phase one, which are topographically and geographically accessible and which are not served by high-speed broadband.