Gigabit Hubs

SIRO and Vodafone have partnered on a unique new initiative which has the ambitious aim of connecting community and enterprise centres in 15 towns nationwide.

The Gigabit Hub Initiative, powered by SIRO and Vodafone, aims to spark a digital transformation by providing Gigabit connectivity to qualifying hubs free of charge for two years.

By providing high speed connectivity and space for local innovation, collaboration and digital education, Gigabit Hubs can help regional towns compete with larger urban areas by attracting highly skilled people, encouraging start-ups and FDI, and increasing local digital literacy. Big ideas can be developed locally and marketed worldwide, giving people the opportunity to pursue their dream without leaving their town.

SIRO & Vodafone

Gigabit Hub Initiative

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Skibbereen Hub

The Ludgate Hub

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Cavan Hub

Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre

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Drogheda Hub

The Mill

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Tralee Hub

HQ Tralee

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Gigabit Powered

Innovation Hub

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