SIRO at Work

SIRO levels the playing field for SMEs and businesses in regional Ireland.


With an incredible 1 Gigabit of connectivity, SIRO transforms everyday work-life in an instant for businesses and communities. Our ground-breaking broadband technology means instantly available and more reliable cloud services, richer applications, seamless HD conferencing, flawless collaborating online, not to mention sending 500 MB files in seconds.

All over Ireland, sole traders, SMEs, start-ups and regional businesses can now collaborate, expand and grow without facing technological barriers. SIRO is enabling employers to attract and retain the smart employees and to launch the freshest ideas.

This is the moment regional businesses collaborate and flourish, creative entrepreneurs emerge and communities come together.

“In the design industry, technology is always advancing, so it’s really important for us that, just because of our countryside location, we’re not left behind. SIRO is going to improve our responsiveness to clients on a daily basis.”

Gillian Reidy Creative Director, Penhouse Design